spa in Nador, Marchica Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa in Nador
steam room in Nador, Marchica Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa in Nador

Whether you’re on holiday at the Marchica Lagoon Resort or living in Nador or the surrounding region, treat yourself to one of the spa’s experiences. Soak up the stylish seaside feel of this place as you treat yourself to a wellness experience in the very heart of our spa. To be enjoyed on your own, with your partner, as a mother and daughter duo, as part of a spa day or as a gift:

you’re sure to find the right experience to suit you. 

Our team is here to help and advise.

Seaweed steam room

The seaweed steam room experience is a two-stage process. To begin with, your face and body are gently exfoliated to remove any impurities on the skin’s surface. Having been exfoliated, your glowing skin will feel incredibly soft. Now it’s time for the full body seaweed wrap. Seaweed’s natural active ingredients will nourish your skin with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants for a long-lasting firming effect. Our beauty therapists will also focus on your hair for strong, glossy results. Tension will disappear, leaving you feeling great. Make your way to the relaxation room and the herbal tea bar to continue this wonderful experience.

Luxury experience

Revel in the joy of two spa treatments.

Begin with a marocMaroc steam room experience, followed by a marocMaroc ceremonial massage or facial: it’s up to you. A seemingly infinite experience!

steam room at the Marchica

Spa Experiences

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Altalaïa treatment

Get away from it all for an hour and a quarter with the Altalaïa treatment experience. A wonderful journey into the sensory world of Moroccan wellness, using traditional natural products and age-old movements which have been passed down from generation to generation: argan oil, ground almonds, sesame, white clay and more. These precious natural products from Morocco work to purify and nourish your skin intensely. Continue to enjoy the benefits of this whole body treatment by spending some time in the relaxation room or at the spa’s herbal tea bar.

Marchica Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa in Nador

Duo experience

Mothers and daughters, couples, close friends...

The Duo Experience at the Marchica Spa is made for you! Get ready for an unforgettable experience which will bring you even closer together. Relax in the privacy of one of our dedicated treatment rooms: together, you can enjoy all the benefits of the massage or treatment you have chosen from the Marchica Spa’s treatment list. After this seemingly endless experience in total tranquillity, emerge from a state of intense relaxation to continue unwinding in our relaxation room and in our herbal tea bar. Make the most of an all-encompassing feeling of wellness for truly unique memories.

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