Marchica Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa in Nador
Nador and its protected fauna and flora
Nador lagoon

Tourist attractions in Nador

While spending a few days at the Marchica Lagoon Resort in Nador, take the time to explore the surrounding area and the Marchica lagoon. Marvel at the stunning landscapes and admire the region’s varied countryside. We are here to help and can advise and organise your visit

sea - mountain
  • Mount Gourougou: just 30 minutes from the Marchica Lagoon Resort, by car or by bike (depending on the season). At the summit, some 900 metres high, enjoy easily accessible walks with views of stunning landscapes. If you’re quiet, you just might see monkeys... 
  • Hiking with a guide: An ideal opportunity to discover the programme created by the Development Agency of the Marchica lagoon site, a fantastic sustainable development project for the Nador region.
Lagoon with flamingo
  • The Marchica lagoon bird park: thousands of birds come to nest in the lagoon and repopulate this unspoiled setting. Take your binoculars to see flamingos, egrets, avocets, pelicans and more. A spectacular sight which will impress visitors of any age.
  • The old city of Melilla: a route through the ancient city which dates back to the Phoenicians. 
Sea view in Nador