Le Phare Bar, Marchica Lagoon Resort Hotel & Spa in Nador

Bar with rooftop in Nador - opening soon


In the lighthouse at the tip of the Marchica Lagoon Resort.

It’s time for a mid-afternoon snack. Foodie guests at the Marchica Lagoon Resort make their way to the bar Le Phare. No need to worry: it’s easy to reach this bar which serves delicious sweet snacks

Every day, the Chef and his team prepare waffles with Chantilly cream, chocolate spread, Atalayoun honey, fig jam and more.

And, of course, there are homemade crepes too, served with chocolate! Or why not treat yourself to an ice-cream, to be enjoyed slowly on a sunny afternoon?

You’ll find traditional Moroccan pastries on Le Phare’s menu too: gazelle horns, sesame, almond and honey cones, almond ghribas and cigars and much more.

The bar Le Phare also serves afternoon tea; it can be enjoyed inside or on the rooftop terrace. It offers stunning views of the lagoon, the hill of Atalayoun and the surrounding mountains. Tea time is a memorable moment at the Marchica Lagoon Resort. 

Opening hours: from 11am to sunset.

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