Marchica Lagoon Resort hotel in Nador

The Marchica Lagoon Resort hotel is in Nador in the north of Morocco, on the shores of the Mediterranean.

It’s easy to reach this luxury hotel by plane from Northern and Southern Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, etc.) for a weekend or for a family holiday in the Moroccan sunshine.

Less than an hour from two international airports, the Marchica Lagoon Resort hotel in Nador is an incredible destination and welcomes guests looking for luxurious accommodation in an unspoilt natural setting. 

View of the town of Nador

In the lagoon of the Marchica Lagoon Resort

By plane

Al Roaui International Airport in Nador: 30 minutes from the hotel. Domestic flights (Casablanca, Tangier) and international flights (France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain).

Melilla International Airport: 1 hour from the hotel. 

Fès–Saïss International Airport: 3 hours from the hotel.

The Marchica Lagoon Resort can provide a private limousine for a quick and stress-free transfer from the airport to the hotel in Nador.